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Why Now’s the Time to Invest in Cladding on Your House

We’re all finding ways to limit our energy consumption as we head into winter, so installing cladding on your house is an investment that makes sense. It adds a layer of insulation for heat and noise, which makes it easier to regulate the temperature of your home and helps to decrease your energy bills. 

That’s not all.

Cladding on a house, garden room or any external wall brings a wide array of benefits you may not have considered. From limiting condensation to increasing the value of your home, we’ll explore why now is the best time to invest in composite cladding from Assured Composite

The Benefits of Exterior Composite Cladding on Houses

As all property owners know, keeping your building in good working order and looking smart is a never-ending process. Installing composite cladding on a house can help with this in many ways. Here are the main benefits of composite cladding.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The extra layer of insulation provided by cladding is effective at keeping warm air inside your home rather than allowing it to leak out. It improves the energy efficiency of your home, which in turn helps to regulate the internal temperature and you benefit from lower energy bills.  

As an added bonus, the composite cladding also insulates against noise. It’s perfect for anyone looking to unwind in a peaceful environment at the end of each day.

Easy to Maintain

Whether you prefer a classic wood grain or slatted effect, all composite cladding is easy to maintain. It’s one of the main reasons people opt for this material. 

Composite cladding won’t warp in the sun, you don’t need to treat or seal it each year and it’s weather-resistant due to the plastic reinforcement. This means water can’t get into the panels, causing them to swell, crack or break. Capped varieties won’t fade in the sun either, so your cladding stays looking as good as the day you bought it.

It is, however, easy to clean, helping you to keep your home looking spotless.

Simple to Install Yourself

At Assured Composite, our cladding is easy to install yourself. You don’t need to be an expert in construction and you don’t need to hire a professional to do it for you. We provide you with an in-depth installation guide for cladding on your house. Read more about it in our success stories

In most cases, external composite cladding on a house comes under your permitted development rights, so you generally don’t need planning permission. We do recommend you clarify this for your individual circumstances first. 

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

The low carbon footprint of composite cladding makes it a sustainable choice. It’s made from responsibly sourced recycled materials, has a long life span, and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions from your home. 

Of course, the increased energy efficiency it provides means you pay less in bills. The benefits keep on coming!

Choice of Colours and Finishes

We pride ourselves on providing you with a range of composite cladding in different finishes and styles. From smokey grey to elegant oak, you can choose the best colour to suit your home. The increased curb appeal of cladding on a house has seen the value of many homes skyrocket. 

Transparent Composite Cladding Cost

Knowing your composite cladding cost upfront is a huge help, and that’s why we offer total transparency with our cost calculator. Our free tool allows you to enter a few calculations and select your optional extras to get an instant online quote. 

Spread the cost with Klarna at Assured Composite to bring your vision to life in affordable instalments. 

Coffee cladding on house

Composite Vs Timber

We keep mentioning the differences between composite and wood, so let’s explain what composite cladding is. 

It’s a synthetic alternative to timber made from recycled wood and polymers, which results in a low-maintenance, lightweight and durable material. The appearance is very similar to that of traditional wood. 

While the upfront composite cladding cost may be higher than traditional timber, it’s a long-term investment. Composite cladding has a long lifespan, requires minimal maintenance and protects the structure of the inner building, all of which reduces overheads in the following years. 

There’s no need to spend time and money sealing and treating it each year, as you would with classic timber cladding. Still not convinced? Here are a few of the other notable benefits of choosing composite cladding on your house rather than wood:

  • It doesn’t wear in the same way as timber, and some styles don’t fade
  • It’s an eco-friendly solution due to the recycled components
  • Managing condensation caused by cladding is easier to plan for and manage
  • The lightweight slats are easy to install yet still extremely strong and durable
  • It withstands rot, mould and damage
  • A low-maintenance choice

Choosing Composite Cladding at Assured Composite

If you’ve got any questions about how to choose the right cladding for your upcoming project, contact us today. Our experienced team is on hand to help.