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The Best Composite Decking For Restaurants

Composite Decking

The popularity of composite decking for the restaurant trade has soared in recent years.

Outside restaurant dining has become even more popular since the smoking ban in 2017 and, more recently, post pandemic outside socialising and an unusually warm summer. Many restaurants have adapted their outdoor dining with additional seating to increase the number of customers that can be accommodated each day. Furthermore, composite decking provides a clever way of providing zoning: it creates a useful way to keep drinkers and diners separate by having two distinct colours of composite to establish clearly-defined zones.

Eco-friendly Composite Decking

Composite decking is one of the most environmentally-friendly decking products on the market. It is made from a blend of plastic film and recycled wood fibre to create a strong, resilient material.

You may think that wood decking is the most eco-friendly decking product, however, aside from deforestation, the movement of timber wood deck boards contributes to air pollution as wood is transported globally nearly every day. Additionally, harmful and toxic sealants and stains are frequently used to lengthen the life of wood decking. 

Eco-friendly and low-maintenance decking made from composite materials is a great choice when designing any outdoor space. With long warranties, composite decking makes a durable and hard-wearing option for the busy restaurant trade. It can last up to 30 years with the minimum of upkeep, whereas wood and plastic decking will need to be replaced and disposed of on a regular basis. Composite decking copes with the large amount of footfall that exterior areas the restaurants receive.

Low-Maintenance Decking

Composite materials provide the low-maintenance strength required for al-fresco dining: it can easily hold the weight of outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, umbrellas and your diners. Timber decking constantly requires maintenance and upkeep because it is likely to warp, split or rot too. Broken timber can also be a health hazard for your diners and wet wood is slippery underfoot. To clean the composite decking, use hot soapy water, a soft bristled brush and a hose pipe, or for a deeper clean use a jet wash with a maximum pressure of 1500PSI. 

Choose Fire-Rated Composite Decking 

For business owners who have guests who are smoking in the outdoor areas, wood must surely be a fire hazard. Composite decking supplied by us here at Assured Composite® has been through rigorous and in-depth testing phases so opting for fire-rated composite decking is increasingly being seen as the sensible option.

Add a Touch of Luxury with Composite Decking

So, all in all, composite decking provides durability and minimal maintenance, but not only that, it looks sleek and upscales a restaurant. A full composite decked area will present that idea of luxury and quality to your customers delivering that ‘wow’ factor that will ensure your customers will keep coming back.
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