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What is Composite Decking?

If you find yourself asking “what is composite decking?” you’re in the right place. In short, it’s a man-made product offering many perks compared to its timber counterpart. Not only is it incredibly eco-friendly, as it’s made from around 95% recycled materials, but it’s also extremely durable.

As an industry-leading maker and supplier of composite decking, we know a thing or two about what it is and where it’s best used. We’re here to share our insider knowledge with you, so keep reading to learn the answer to what is composite decking?

What is Composite Decking Made Of?

We can’t speak for all brands, but the decking we make at Assured Composite® is made from 95% recycled materials. It’s a mixture of recycled plastic, wood fibres and a small amount of binding agents and colours.

Waste plastic in the ocean. Assured Composite recycles this waste to create composite decking

With 400 million tonnes of plastic waste created globally each year, we like to do our part for the environment and recycle this waste. It’s much nicer to see plastic reused in a sustainable way than for it to end up in the ocean, after all. 

While using recycled plastic makes our product eco-friendly, it also has the major perk of giving each deck board an extremely durable core. Unlike timber, it won’t rot or splinter and yet, it’s a much lower maintenance option. Next time you think, “what is composite decking?”, just remember it’s an amazing alternative to timber!

What is WPC?

The other question we get asked a lot is what is WPC? To put it simply, it’s just another name for composite! It stands for wood plastic composite, but it’s more common for the name to be shortened to simply “composite”. 

How Long Does Composite Decking last?

With our 25-year residential warranty, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your new composite decking for at least a quarter of a century

In reality, you could reasonably expect it to last anywhere from 30-50 years. While composite products are generally low maintenance, a simple bit of TLC can help to expand their lifespan even further. Simply cleaning it and, very occasionally, adding a moisture shield, works wonders for composite decks. 

Washing composite decking helps to extend its lifespan

One More Time: What is Composite Decking?

We hope you’ve got a better understanding of exactly what composite decking is and why it’s worth considering, especially for anyone with a small garden. As we offer the UK’s best value composite products, there’s no better place to try them! Take a look at our extensive selection of colours and ranges to see what best suits your home.

Still want to know more? Contact the experienced Assured Composite® team to learn more.