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Composite Decking Ideas for Small Gardens

We’re full of composite decking ideas for small gardens to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of WPC decking, regardless of the size of your outdoor space. Whatever kind of garden renovation you’re looking for, from fresh planting plans to raised seating areas, you’ll be amazed at how creatively you can incorporate contemporary decking ideas. 

You may have spare decking boards left after installation, or you may be yet to purchase new decking for a project. Either way, we think you’ll love our tried and tested composite decking ideas for small gardens. Without further ado, here’s Team AC’s favourite ideas.

Pots hanging on the wall as a form of vertical gardening

#1 Vertical Gardening

Let’s kick off with one of our simplest yet most effective composite decking ideas for small gardens: vertical gardening. Put simply, it’s a technique of layering up your deck area with various pots, containers and hanging baskets. You can fill them with flowers or vegetables to suit your preferences. Old wooden ladders are brilliant for this trend, as you can use each rung for different plants, pots and ornaments. 

It’s a way to add a burst of inviting colour and smells to your garden without needing the extravagant space of large borders. There’s nothing quite like sitting back at the end of a long day and immersing your senses in your favourite flowers.

#2 Raised Decks

One of the best composite decking ideas for small gardens is a raised deck. It really makes the most of the available space in areas with slopes or uneven ground. It helps you to utilise every inch of your garden, including those areas that could otherwise go unused. 

Unless you’re particularly handy at DIY, this is one idea we’d suggest you speak to a professional about. They’ll be able to advise you on the best way to ensure you get a level deck. We work with a small network of trusted traders and are happy to help you find a reputable pro in your area.

A living wall framed with decking to make the most of the space in a small garden

#3 Framed Living Walls

This is one of the more contemporary decking ideas! Rather than using your composite deck boards in the traditional way, why not use them to frame a living wall? 

Not only does a living wall look beautiful and make a small garden feel bigger, but it’s eco-friendly, just like composite decking! Who doesn’t love a garden that’s as inviting to the bees and butterflies as it is to you and your family on a warm summer’s day?

This is particularly handy if you’ve got a few ends of decking left from a previous project.

A small cottage garden with light grey composite decking and bright flowers

#4 Stick to Light Colours

If you haven’t got a lot of space, use light colours to create the illusion of it! Our composite decking comes in a range of colours, featuring beautiful colours designed to make the most of compact gardens.

Blending your deck with plants featuring white flowers is one of the composite decking ideas for small gardens that never fails to impress. Adding white containers and ornaments helps further, as the sunlight reflects on bright surfaces, creating the illusion of added depth.

Contemporary Garden Decking Ideas at Assured Composite

As the experts, we’re full of thoughts and plans for incorporating composite decking into your garden. If you’re considering paving, take a look at our composite vs paving guide to see which works best for your outdoor space.

Looking for more advice? Speak to the team here at Assured Composite® to discover more.