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A Guide to the Best Outdoor Garden Furniture for Composite Decking

Choosing outdoor garden furniture to complement your new composite decking is exciting, but what do you need to be aware of? As experts in all things composite, we know a thing or two about keeping your deck looking pristine while making the most of your garden space. 

We’re full of inspiration for how to put your own stamp on your garden while protecting your composite decking. Read on to discover our tricks of the trade.

Choose Outdoor Garden Furniture That Works With Your Space

Some people have one large decking area, while others prefer the modern “zoning” approach. If you haven’t come across this term, it’s when you zone your garden into various smaller sections to cater for more needs. You may have a small BBQ area, another grassed play area and then a larger area of decking for seating, for example.

Whatever layout you prefer, make sure you choose furniture to suit. You may find yourself falling in love with a huge sofa set up, but it’s not practical if it’s bigger than your actual decked area. With this in mind, we’d always recommend taking a tape measure when you head out shopping for outdoor furniture for decks!

Add Protective Pads to Prevent Scratches

Whilst our composite decking is tough and durable, we’d still recommend adding felt or rubber feet to the bottom of your new furniture to prevent any scratches or marring (the marks caused by dragging heavy objects). 

While these pads are easy to find and even easier to apply, you could also opt for an outdoor rug to sit under your new outdoor garden furniture. It’s a quick and stylish fix that helps to protect your deck from furniture marks and any guests that turn up in stilettos or other damage-causing footwear.

A rolled rug on composite decking.

Work out Your Colour Scheme

This may sound obvious, but all too often we speak to people who buy their outdoor garden furniture before their deck, and then end up with different colour composite decking than they’d originally planned.

Taking some time beforehand to work out your colour scheme could save you a whole lot of time (and money) down the line. At Assured Composite, our decking comes in a range of colours, from natural-looking Oak to stylish greys or dramatic Charcoal

Choosing the Best Material for Outdoor Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture for decks generally comes in four main materials:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Rattan (natural or synthetic)
  • Wooden

Each material has its own set of pros and cons, which we’ll cover briefly here.

Metal Garden Furniture

You can buy metal furniture relatively cheaply and it looks stylish, but you’ll need to add furniture pads to prevent damage. If you haven’t got outdoor storage, you can generally leave metal furniture outdoors all year round.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic furniture is ideal for anyone on a budget and is another one that can stay outside all year round. On the other hand, it may not provide the aesthetic finish you’re looking for, and it tends to be a less sturdy and robust option.

Rattan Furniture

We’ve seen a huge surge in popularity for both natural wicker rattan and its synthetic counterpart. As a stylish and weatherproof option (synthetic more so than natural) that you can buy in a range of styles and sizes, it suits most homes. 

However, rattan outdoor garden furniture is very lightweight and is prone to blowing around in the wind. You may want to store it in a shed or storage box over the blowier autumn and winter months.

Woman painting wooden garden furniture with a protective coating

Wooden Furniture

Classic wooden furniture has a style you just can’t replicate with other materials. It’s also durable and long-lasting if you opt for a hardwood, such as teak, and treat it with the right oils. Softwoods, however, aren’t always suitable for the outdoor life. They’ll need continuous varnishing and staining to protect them, so be wary of softwood sets, even if they do come with a cheap price tag.

Outdoor Design With Assured Composite

At Assured Composite, our mission is to help transform outdoor spaces with quality composite products at affordable prices. Whatever style, colour and material your go for when choosing outdoor furniture for decks, we’ve got a range of deck boards to complement the finished look.

Compare the different ranges today to find the perfect match. Still unsure? Get in touch with our team of experts. They’re always happy to help you find the best composite decking, cladding or fencing for your space.