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7 Reasons to Choose Composite Decking for Your Caravan

Decking for caravans at the seaside

Enhancing your holiday home with decking for your caravan makes sense for so many reasons. It improves the look and feel of your pitch, increases the usable space and makes it more accessible. 

Opting for composite decking rather than traditional timber helps you make the most of these benefits, but how? First, it makes sense to understand what composite decking is

As leading manufacturers of composite decking for caravans and mobile homes, we’re here to share our top tips and insight with you. Whether you own an entire caravan park or are simply shopping for your own static caravan decking, let’s find out the 7 reasons to choose composite decking for your caravan.

Composite is Low Maintenance

When you buy a caravan, you want to enjoy your time there without spending every weekend carrying out maintenance. That’s why composite decking is ideal: it’s incredibly low maintenance. There’s no need for any sanding, painting or sealing, as there is with traditional timber. 

All you need for perfect decking is to give it a clean every 6 months, so you can focus on enjoying your time for relaxation instead. It’s why holiday park owners choose composite decking for their caravan sites too.

Creates a Level, Non Slip Surface

Static caravan decking creates a level, non slip surface where you can add furniture to make the most of the sunshine. When the weather isn’t so good, composite decking doesn’t get slippy, even when wet. 

It’s why composite is a great choice, especially if you have problems with your joints or balance. And it’s good for pets!

Decking Adds Value

The long lifespan of composite decking makes it desirable if you’re thinking of selling your caravan in the future. On average, it lasts around 25-30 years, which is far longer than traditional timber.

At Assured Composite®, we provide a 25 year warranty on all residential decking purchases to ensure you get the best value for your money. 

Static caravan decking with bistro table and a cup of tea

Better Accessibility

Caravans are often located on bumpy grass sites that can be tricky for people with mobility issues to access. Adding decking to your caravan makes it easier for disabled guests to use. You can incorporate a wheelchair-friendly ramp, allowing all the family to come and join the holiday. 

Easy to Install

All of our composite decking is easy to install yourself. We provide all the fixtures you need along with installation guides, so there’s no need to pay for professional installation. It’s a cost-effective method that allows you to personalise your project exactly as you want it. 

UV Resistance

Capped composite decking, such as our Superior and Elite ranges, boasts excellent UV resistance. This means the decking won’t fade or change colour when exposed to the Great British weather. 

Water Resistance

Capped composite decking for caravans is resistant to rot, mould and algae. If you don’t visit your caravan often, this is particularly helpful, as you won’t turn up to find your static caravan decking riddled with furry algae or lichen. Traditional timber, on the other hand, is susceptible to rot, mould and splintering caused by water damage. 

Decking for Your Caravan With Assured Composite®

Our mission is to offer the UK’s best value composite products, including decking for caravans. With an extensive selection of colours and ranges, there’s something to suit your project.Still want to know more? Contact the experienced Assured Composite® team to learn more.