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Does Composite Decking Get Hot When It’s Sunny?

Blue sky with fluffy white clouds and bright sunshine

Technically, yes. All decking materials heat up to some degree. But does composite decking get too hot when it’s sunny? Not necessarily. 

Any decking material will feel warm if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, be it natural timber or composite boards. However, hollow decking, such as our Premier and Superior ranges, can stay cooler for longer. Being lighter and less dense than solid boards, they don’t absorb and retain as much heat. 

With that said, your choice of decking has a big impact on how hot it gets, particularly when it comes to the finish and colour. We’re here to advise you on how to make the most of composite decking in the sunshine without worrying about burnt toes or pet paws. 

Is Composite Decking Hotter Than Wood?

No, it isn’t. At least, not if you choose the right type of composite designed to handle a sun trap. 

Modern composite decking, such as our hollow styles, absorbs and retains less of the sun’s heat and remains cooler to the touch. Decking capped with a polymer coating has also been shown to absorb less heat and remain cooler.

If you’re lucky enough to have a south-facing garden and a deck that soaks up direct sunlight, we’d always recommend choosing hollow and/or capped decking for these exact reasons. It’s also why so many holiday and caravan parks choose composite when installing decking around their sites.  

Be savvy with your choice of colour, too. Lighter colours, such as greys and pale wood effects, absorb less heat than darker charcoals and blacks.

So, why do people question if composite decking is hotter than wood

With all materials, dark colours absorb a lot of heat. Composite decking is increasingly popular for the wide range of available colours that don’t require regular painting to maintain their appearance. People wanting a statement black or dark grey deck often choose composite for the low-maintenance appeal.

Whatever decking material you opt for, if you choose a dark colour, you will find it gets hot. To avoid overheating, stay away from dark colours and stick to lighter shades.

Is Composite Decking too hot for Dogs?

English bulldog lying on decking in the sunshine

No, composite decking isn’t too hot for dogs. With our top quality boards, composite decking can actually make the perfect place for your pooch to relax on a sunny afternoon. Of course, we’d always recommend you check the temperature yourself if it’s a particularly warm and cloudless day with lots of direct sunlight.

Composite decking is also less slippery than traditional wood decking, so it’s pet friendly, even after a downpour. If you want some tips on how to keep your pets, and your decking area in general, cooler in summer, see our expert advice below.

How can you Keep Your Deck Cool?

Composite decking gets hottest in direct sunlight. Which is tricky, because people usually want their deck to be in the sunshine! If you’re struggling with the heat, either from the ambient temperature or because the decking is in direct sun, try a cover. Pergolas, sail shades, gazebos and parasols or other types of covers all provide welcome relief from intense UV rays. 

For a stylish twist, try an outdoor rug. The fabrics in rugs stay much cooler than decking, meaning you’ll always have a nice cool patch. This is particularly helpful if you’ve got pets that like to soak up the sunshine. 

Our best advice is to opt for light shades of composite decking. This is always our response when people ask us if composite decking gets hot. The darker the colour, the more heat it will absorb. By staying with light shades, you’ll have the best chance of your deck staying cool throughout summer.

Keeping Cool with Assured Composite

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