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Our Composite Cladding

Composite cladding on a garden room

Our composite cladding is eco-friendly, weather resistant, incredibly durable, and nearly maintenance-free! Our cladding is also available in a range of colours and comes in two gorgeous finishes for you to choose between for your specific needs! Here’s what’s available:

Sanded Finish Composite Cladding

Our sanded finish cladding options feature a smooth aesthetic, but not without some texture! The sanded grain is still visible across the cladding, but without the distinct wood grain effect found on our wood effect cladding. Perfect for modern aesthetics and new builds.

Wood Grain Finish Composite Cladding

The wood grain finish is perfect for those looking to maintain a more traditional visual appearance for their home. The wood grain is 3D embossed onto the surface, so there’s no cheap printed on patterning here!

Our composite cladding options are available in four colours, each with its own distinct aesthetic! Our available colours are:


Our darkest colour! Looks incredible on monochromatic schemes and with contemporary environments. But our black, like our like grey, is neutral enough to be utilised with almost any scheme! Try with pastel colours for a wonderful contrast and a magical end result.

Cedar Wood

The cedar finish is a natural light wood hue, and would look incredible with traditional farmhouses, ranches, or other rural properties, especially in areas prevalent with light woods! This effect is doubled when you opt for the wood grain finish, but this tone looks lovely sanded too.


Our dark wood option. The coffee colour evokes the sense of mahogany or black cherrywood, so this option can make for striking and contrast heavy aesthetics. Excellent for older properties like cottages or country homes, but the sanded option can make a great modern take for urban applications, too!

Light Grey

The light grey finish is the lightest colour we do and, like the blue grey, is neutral enough for a huge range of applications. The more modern sanded effect can be a fantastic addition to new builds and modern city apartments, while the wood grain brings a more traditional feel, even in light grey!