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Our Composite Decking Colour Range

Our extensive composite decking colour range comes in a range of styles and colours to suit your particular needs! Our composite decking colour range is durable, low maintenance, and eco-friendly! So what are you waiting for?

Have a look at our composite decking colour range below, and see which option is best for you:

Composite Decking Colour Range

Premier Finish Composite Decking

Our premier finish composite decking comes with a reinforced but hollowed out core, making it very lightweight yet still incredibly strong and durable! The cheapest option available, but you can be certain that you won’t lose out on quality with our standard 25-year domestic warranty!

Classic Finish Composite Decking Colour Range

The classic finish decking option brings the same aesthetics as the premier finish, but without the hollowed-out core. This makes the classic finish slightly more expensive, but with a solid core this decking will be able to bear more weight than our lightweight premier option.

Both our classic and premier finishes for our composite decking range are dual-sided, with one side finished with a natural wood grain and the other with engraved stripes for boosted traction, and are available in five colours:

Cedar Art

The cedar art finish is an accentuated version of our cedar finish available on our composite cladding and fencing ranges. With added dark accents to a more natural effect, this decking looks gorgeous and natural, perfect for older properties!


Our coffee option brings the sense of dark woods like mahogany and ebony. This aesthetic is incredibly flexible and looks great with traditional and modern homes alike!

Light Grey

Our light grey colour is a fully neutral and airy hue that could work with virtually any style.

Grey Art

The grey art option is, like the cedar art, a vamped-up version of our light grey finish. With two tones of grey used, the darker accents create a more detailed and more natural effect.

Elite Finish Composite Decking Colour Range

The elite composite decking range is our strongest option available! Complete with a solid core and coated in a four-sided polymer shell for extra strength and durability, this decking is set to last a lifetime! Our elite range is available in three colours:


The oak elite decking looks like natural oak, an integral material in British architecture for centuries! Coming a little darker than the cedar options on our other ranges, this colour is perfect for natural exteriors.

Smoke Grey

The smoke grey finish is a fully neutral option for the elite decking range, displaying an exquisitely subtle light grey that will allow your colour scheme to pop without drawing any attention away from your exterior design.

Stone Grey

Our stone grey option, as you may guess, brings the hues of natural stone to your exterior space. A little darker than the smoke grey, and with a touch of blue tinge, this option remains neutral enough to apply with a whole range of garden aesthetics.

Still unsure if composite decking or paving is right for you? Read our article on composite decking Vs paving or call our Assured Composite® team to have your questions answered.