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Is Composite Cladding High Maintenance?

Composite cladding is maintenance free!

When installing new cladding on your home, there are many important considerations to take into account. How well the cladding will insulate your home and reduce your energy bills, how the aesthetics of the cladding will blend with your existing exterior, and how much the cladding will increase the value of your property, are all important factors to consider when completing such a project. But one major question when deciding between composite cladding and traditional timber comes down to maintenance and upkeep. So, is composite cladding high maintenance? Here’s some major aspects to consider:

No Treatment Required

Timber cladding offers a natural effect and a wide range of different woods to choose from to fine tune your exterior aesthetic, but this comes at a cost! Timber cladding requires treatments like stains, varnishes, and waterproofing to protect it from the elements and prevent rotting or weathering. Composite materials, on the other hand, require none of these treatments to maintain its gorgeous aesthetics, and is completely weather resistant out of the box!

No Parts to Replace

Another major boon for composite materials in terms of required maintenance is the lack of need to replace sections as they succumb to weathering or rot. As mentioned above, timber needs a range of treatments to protect it from weathering, but even then, parts may begin to retain water and rot, or wear down under the elements. With timber, replacing these sections is essential to the longevity of your cladding. With composite cladding, this isn’t an issue you need to worry about!

Only Cleaning is Necessary

The only real upkeep required for your composite cladding is your regular cleaning schedule. This may mean wiping or washing down your cladding in autumn and winter, but requires very little input on your part! Timber cladding, by contrast, requires lows of maintenance through treating the wood and then replacing any damaged, weathered, or rotting sections!

Due to these factors laid out above, it’s pretty clear that composite cladding is a much lower maintenance option than traditional timber cladding. If you’re looking for a long-term cladding solution with easy installation and minimal maintenance required, composite cladding is the right option for you!