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Incredible Outdoor Furnishings You Can Craft at Home

Creating and maintaining a beautiful exterior space is a huge challenge, but has never been more important to our wellbeing! In the last couple of years, with the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns, the importance of enjoying our personal space at home and having ample outdoor area to entertain guests in a well-ventilated environment have both skyrocketed. With that in mind, here are just a few examples of furnishings that with a little time and effort, you can create yourself at home from nothing more than some stone, timber, or composite planks!


Erecting a gazebo on your lawn or decking is a perfect way to provide a sheltered area for outdoor hosting that can also be aesthetically striking and a beautiful addition to your exterior design. Gazebos range massively in size and intricacy of style, and so does the price tag attached! But with just some wood or wood plastic composite (WPC) planks, you can craft a simple gazebo at home that will provide some shelter from both sun and rain while offering a wonderful hosting space.


A firepit or built-in barbeque (or both in one) is an addition to your outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful. All you need to get started is some stone or brick to ensure that the fire cannot spread from the pit, but your imagination is the limit on how fanciful you’d like your final design to be. Just be sure to keep well away from your home-made gazebo, as we’re certain that isn’t fireproof!

Pallet Furniture

Pallet furniture has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, spurred mostly by students and young professionals in the city creating balcony furniture for pennies. In the face of prices up to £thousands for premade patio and balcony furniture, it’s no surprise that people would rather pay a tenner for a few pallets to stick together. But pallet furniture can still offer a beautiful aesthetic if matched with their surroundings, and can be constructed from WPC planks like composite decking, or from traditional wooden pallets. Paint or varnish to match your exterior design and add a few outdoor upholstery and you have a large seating area for a tiny fraction of the price!