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Why Choose WPC?

Strong and durable – Long lasting – Low maintenance – Environmentally friendly

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is one of many composite materials on offer for us in construction and furnishings. WPC is the composite we at Assured Composites use in all of our composite cladding, decking, and fencing options! But why WPC, and why should you opt for WPC for your home?

Strong and Durable

WPC is designed to take the best features from each material, which makes it incredibly strong and durable while still having the gorgeous aesthetics of real wood. This is why it’s perfect for use in places where being resistant to erosion and strong against wear and tear is vital, like underfoot decking and cladding to protect your home’s outer walls. WPC is also waterproof and resistant to rotting! With our 10-year commercial and a 25-year residential guarantee, you know that your composite is built to last.

Low Maintenance

Because of its strength and durability, WPC is incredibly low maintenance. In fact, there’s no maintenance required at all beyond the standard sweeping or mopping that you would carry out on all your home’s floors! This means that, unlike timber, there are no stains, varnishes, polishes, or treatments to periodically apply to maintain its standard! It also means no sections to replace or repair due to rot, splintering, or erosion.

Eco Friendly

WPC is an environmentally friendly choice for a number of reasons. Being crafted from recycled materials means that plastics are being reused and not send to landfills, where they can take hundreds of years to break down! At the same time, recycled WPC doesn’t require mass deforestation like timber does, and it even be re-recycled once its lifetime as cladding, fencing, or decking is finally up!

There are copious reasons to opt for WPC for your composite fencing, composite cladding, or composite decking. At Assured Composites, all of our WPC products are crafted from 95% recycled materials, including 100% of our wood fibres and plastic particles, so you know your brand-new installation is sturdy, long-lasting, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly. What is there to lose? Get in touch with Assured Composite today to see what we can do for you.