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Which Requires More Maintenance: Composite vs Timber Decking?

Composite Decking Maintenance Comparison

Composite decking maintenance takes no time at all. It’s simple and quick to care for. In this article we take a look at why it’s the smart choice for a low-time commitment and high enjoyment garden.

Decking can be a wonderful addition to your garden or yard, creating a perfect hosting space to invite guests and serve food, enjoy some drinks, or simply socialise on those warm summer evenings! Decking can come in a variety of colours and styles and can be chosen to match your existing exterior design and colour schemes!

This can give you an incredible private outdoor space to enjoy, boost the value of your home, and be the perfect final touches on your property’s exterior aesthetics. But when it comes to decking, the initial decision is whether to opt for traditional timber decking, or decking made from a new composite material. We’ve look at some of the other differences between timber vs composite decking before. So, which one requires more labour and effort when it comes to maintenance? Have a look below!

Timber Decking Maintenance

Timber decking can last a lifetime. However, this is with a few serious caveats! Timber lasts a lifetime because of endless maintenance and upkeep labour. At the same time, sections of decking are expected to become damaged, weathered, or to start to rot away, and will be replaced. This is tendered as one of the main upsides of timber, the ease at which sections can be cut away and replaced.

But without sailing too far on the Ship of Theseus, does it really count as the same decking if replacement is the path to longevity? The bottom line is that to keep your timber decking in good shape, it requires consistent and sustained intervention!

Composite Decking Maintenance

Composite decking is known to last decades but is not given the same lifetime stamp as timber. But this is with virtually no maintenance whatsoever.

Composite decking requires cleaning like any other floor surface, but it is waterproof and water resistant and will never rot!

With composite decking you’ll never have to worry about staining or varnishing your decking, or any other treatments!

You also won’t need to both with cutting sections out and replacing them periodically to keep up the aesthetics and function of your decking.


Timber decking is commonly sited as lasting a lifetime, but it is often overlooked that this requires an immense level of commitment and dedication to repairing and maintaining your decking over the years. For a maintenance free option that will allow you to enjoy your composite decking area in peace for decades to come, opt for a composite decking maintenance free life!

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