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The Benefits of Composite Fencing

Long lasting – Low maintenance – Environmentally friendly

Grey Classic Woodgrain Composite Fencing - Assured Composite

Decorating and securing the exterior of your home is never a small job. Deciding upon the correct products, materials, and aesthetics for your property are not decisions to be taken lightly, and will impact how your outdoor space looks and functions for years to come! Fencing is one such decision that can be laboured over. Installing new fencing is not a small expense and so, it is understandable that people want to ensure they’re getting the best for their money! With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the benefits of wood plastic composite (WPC) fencing over traditional timber!

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest single selling points for composite products, whether for fencing, decking, or adorning any other outdoor area, is its low maintenance once installed! Composite materials are incredibly durable and require no ongoing upkeep and repair beyond the standard cleaning of the surface as necessary. Timber fencing will succumb to rot and weathering if not constantly maintained with treatments and replacements of rotting sections.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite materials tend to be the environmentally friendly option in comparison to timber. At Assured Composite, all our composite products are crafted from 95% recycled materials, with 100% of our wood fibres and plastic particles coming from recycled sources, making them an exceptionally eco-friendly option!

Timber is much more complicated. Sourcing timber can be environmentally friendly if enough effort is put in to only purchase from sustainable sources with dedicated replanting efforts, but many of the mass-produced timber products on the market today do not adhere to such stringent environmental standards.

Strong and Weather Resistant

Composite materials are weather resistant and fully rot proof, unlike timber, meaning that no sections will need sanding down or replacing as the years go on. This means that composite materials cannot be sustained indefinitely like timber, but also means that your installation will keep its gorgeous aesthetic with no maintenance. At the same time, this also means that your fencing won’t require any treatments, stains, or varnishes in order to maintain its quality, so much less effort on your part to keep your new fencing looking perfect!