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Composite Decking: Should You Replace Your Timber Decking with Composite?

timber decking in small garden - Assured Composite

Composite decking, crafted from blends of wood fibres with plastics and other materials, can offer some unique benefits when compared with timber!

Having a decking outside your property can do wonders for your home’s value, its aesthetic, and your enjoyment of your outdoor space! Most decking is constructed from traditional timber, which can last a lifetime with the right amount of maintenance.

Should you replace your old timber decking with a new wood plastic composite (WPC) decking? If you are looking for a long lasting, maintenance free deck why wouldn’t you?

Here’s a quick look at some of the pros and cons to composite decking

Lifetime vs a Quarter-Century

Timber decking can last a lifetime, with some caveats. Timber decking lasts a lifetime because, as areas of the wood begin to wear down, become damaged, or start to rot due to waterlogging, it is easy to cut these sections out and replace with new sections of the same timber.

So, while timber decking lasts a lifetime, this is due to a lifetime of replacement. Assured Composite decking comes with a minimum 25-year guarantee for all residential installations and 10 years for commercial, giving you decades of life with no repair required!

Full Maintenance or No Maintenance?

As mentioned above, timber decking requires sections to be replaced periodically in order for it to maintain its quality.

Areas of splintering or weathering need replacing to maintain to aesthetic appearance, and rotting sections need removing immediately before it spreads.

Timber also requires stains and treatments to help prevent these types of damage and deterioration. In contrast, composite decking comes in a range of colours, needs no treatments, no repairs, and no real maintenance beyond cleaning.

Environmental Considerations Of Composite Decking

If environmental considerations are important to you, then replacing your decking with an eco-friendly composite material is certainly the best way to go!

Unless you’re personally sourcing your timber from local sustainable sources, chances are the timber products you’re using are contributing to deforestation and unsustainable production.

Replacing your timber decking with Assured Composite decking means you are using 95% recycled materials, and with 100% of our timber fibres being recycles, not a single tree has been cut down to produce our decking.