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Our Composite Fencing

Grey Classic Woodgrain Composite Fencing - Assured Composite

There are so many reasons to choose our composite fencing! Assured Composite fencing is strong and durable enough for years of use, all while being eco-friendly and virtually maintenance-free with no treatments or repairs required! Our fencing comes in two gorgeous finishes for you to choose between – one mimicking a natural wood effect and one featuring a sanded finish – and each is available in four colours! Here’s a quick look at our composite fencing range:

Sanded Finish Composite Fencing

The sanded finish option for our composite fencing has a uniform but textured effect which brings a modern feel to your fencing. The end result is a smooth visual that can work in almost any design, but our sanded finish it most often best suited to more contemporary designs and newer buildings!

Wood Grain Finish Composite Fencing

The wood grain fencing is ideal for those aiming to establish a more traditional aesthetic for their home. The wood grain finish is embossed onto the surface, giving it an entirely natural 3D feel. No printed-on effects here, you’ll know this is quality when you feel it!

Our range of composite fencing is available to order in four different colours, each with its own individual aesthetic! Take a look at our available colours below:

Cedar Wood

Displaying the hue of a natural light wood (hence the name!), our cedar finish is perfect accentuating traditional designs and older properties like farmhouses, especially in woodland regions with plenty of local light woods! The cedar finish also works perfectly with our wood grain finish, to complete this effect!


As you may expect, our coffee colour brings a deep brown which is reminiscent of dark woods like mahogany or black cherrywood. Combined with the wood grain effect finish, this fencing will look sublime with traditional properties like cottages.


The lightest colour we do, the light grey is, just like the grey, neutral enough to be utilised in a huge range of different styles and aesthetics. The modern sanded finish will look as incredible on newer builds as the wood grain will on older homes. Combine with pastel colours for a truly unique design and a gorgeous end result.