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Installing Box Framed Steps

Reach The Composite Deck With Ease

Box framed steps consist of a run of boxes on top of each other made from either composite, timber, plastic or metal. These all support each other to form a run of steps to a required height.

​If the ground is soft, uneven or steps are above 2 metres high we recommend concreting posts into the ground to support the box frames following the process in the “Installing Timber & Plastic Joists & Posts” page.

When installing box framed steps ensure the area is clear and free of any obstacles including any cables and pipes.

Designing The Decking Box Framed Steps

Carefully plan the area taking into account the deck board and riser width when designing the tread and rise dimensions. Ensure the rise and tread is consistent along the steps.

Measure and cut 4 outer joists where required to the size of the step area/bottom box frame. Pre-drill holes and screw together at each corner using 2 coach screws.

Measure and cut inner joists where required. Pre-drill holes and screw together at each end using 2 coach screws at 300mm max intervals centre to centre.

Double joist where deck boards meet at butt joins allowing a 3mm gap between joists.

​Place the box framed step in the area you are starting from and work from that creating as many box framed steps as needed using the same method.​

Fixing The Box Framed Steps To The Decking Area

Fix the box frames together by measuring and cutting posts for each inner corner. Pre-drill holes through the outer joists and into the posts and screw together using 2 coach screws at every post and box frame.

​Fix the boxed framed steps to the raised decking area by pre-drilling holes through the back of the top box frame (at the centre points between each joist) and into the decking area outer joist. Screw together using 2 coach screws at each point. Reinforce posts or outer joists of the decking area if required.

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