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Left Over Decking

Ideas For Your Left Over Decking & Offcuts

When you have finally added your dream deck to your garden or outdoor space you may notice you have some left over decking. We all know that composite decking is recyclable and eco friendly but rather than dispose of the offcuts there are many things you can do that will add character and fun to your decking.

Waste Not Want Not

Lets take a look at a few ideas of what to do with your left over composite decking:

Decking planters – building decking planters and window boxes to add to your home or decked area has been the most popular yet. Always remember to add a plastic bag for lining when using composite decking for a garden planter.

Bird house – you can relax every morning with a cup of tea whilst watching and listening to the birds tweet. A few composite decking offcuts and a few screws and you have yourself a long lasting bird box. A very simple, yet great addition to your garden.

Dog kennel – as you may already know, composite decking is pet friendly so if you have enough composite deck boards left over than why not build a home for your dog to relax in.

Outdoor furniture – with a few decking joists for strength, you can build long lasting outdoor furniture with your composite decking offcuts to match your deck and sit in style.

Shelves – a deck board shelf is a simple and easy to install option with the decking leftovers which will create more storage space in your garden, shed or garage.

Garden storage – we all need extra storage! Whether its to store your children’s garden toys or to hide away your unsightly dustbins, use your composite decking left overs to create more storage space.

Garden gate or fence – a composite garden gate or fence offers a great alternative to timber gates and fences due to the strength and durability of the composite boards, it will also look great as it will match your deck!

Garden bar – if you are feeling very creative, then why not build an outside bar with a few deck board shelves so when the sun is shining you can feel even more relaxed serving your favourite drinks and cocktails with family and friends.

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