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Composite Decking Ideas

Composite decking ideas and designs that offer inspiration

There are many designs that can look aesthetically pleasing when installing composite decking, so before you choose your composite decking colour, finish, how many decking boards and other materials you require, take a look at some of the decking ideas which may help inspire you when installing your perfect outdoor living space.

Composite Decking Steps

Composite decking steps can be used for many things in outdoor spaces including getting into a hot tub, to get to the next level of your decking area or maybe even as a feature to sit your plant pots on. Assured composite® decking installers either use a bullnose edge board or a composite corner trim to complete the finish of the decking steps. When thinking of creating decking steps to your outdoor living space you will need to consider the tread and the riser height and maybe even how the subframe is built.

Please see our installation and care guides on how to create and install decking steps within your composite decking project.

Composite Decking Picture Framing

Composite decking picture framing is simply a decking border. You can use as many deck boards as a border as you like depending on your decking size. A picture frame can be used to break up colours and finishes of a composite deck an also to create seperate decking areas. You will need to consider this option when designing the decking subframe as you will need to tweak the joists around the edges to support the decking boards.

Please see out installation and care guides on how to install a decking picture frame to your new composite deck.

Composite Decking Curved Edges

Creating a curved edge to your decking area can be simple but it must be taken into account when designing your decking area as the decking subframe will need to accommodate this. Depending on your decking curved edge will depend which of our composite decking accessories you can use. A composite fascia can be used when you are creating a large curved edge as these are very flexible and easy to install. If your curved edge is small then you can use a composite deck board as the board will bend slightly allowing you to install.

Please see our installation and care guides on how to fit composite fascia or composite decking to your outdoor deck.

Composite Decking Using Different Colours And Finishes

Using different composite decking colours and finishes to your outdoor deck is simple and straight forward, its just a case of working out how many decking boards you require in another colour or simply using the other side of the deck boards that you have already purchased; they are still installed in the same way. Our composite decking ranges are fully reversible of either a 3D embossed wood grain or grooved channel finish and each decking board can be mixed in colour and finish in its own range.

See our composite decking ranges now to see which colours and finishes would suit your decking area.

Composite Decking Lights

Composite decking looks stunning whether night or day but adding composite decking lights will boost the looks of your deck and create a mood when the sun goes down. Waterproof composite decking lights can be used to light up the perimeter of your deck, light up your decking steps or maybe even light up around a garden decking feature like a hot tub.

When designing your new deck you will need to take into account where you are getting the power source from. You will also need to think about where you are installing the decking lights within the deck as you may need to feed cables to get to the destination where they will be installed.

Composite Decking Diagonal Runs

Diagonal composite decking runs are easy to install and look great as they offer a more bespoke look to your composite decking area. They also look great when incorporated into a composite decking picture frame.

​When thinking about decking diagonal runs please take into account that you will have more composite decking wastage than a normal decking run. The materials will cost you slightly more and so will the labour as the installer has more cuts to attend to which creates more waste.


Composite Decking Left Over

Why would you want to throw away your left over composite decking that you have paid for? The offcuts or left overs can be used for several things that will compliment your new outdoor decking space including decking planters, decking bird boxes, a decking seating area, decking wall art, decking flower boxes or if you are feeling extravagant why not add a composite decking bar to your outdoor deck!

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