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Composite Decking Clips

Weather Resistant Composite Decking Fasteners, Fixings & Clips

When choosing composite decking for home or business you have to choose which decking is right for you but you also have to consider the decking accessories and how easy it is to be installed or replaced if damaged.

Choosing the right composite decking fasteners and fixings can make a world of difference when installing the decked area and creating that ultimate outdoor space. Our weatherproof fasteners, fixings and clips are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and easy to install.

Which Decking Clips Are Right For You?

Composite decking starter clips and screws – Complete with stainless screws our quality stainless starter clips are unrivalled and discreet when starting your decking area. Strong and durable to last the test of time these are easy to install and and will secure the first deck board when starting the run of your deck.

You can also use the stainless starter clips when finishing off a decked area with the plastic 6mm fast clips or with our composite decking bullnoses where you can secure the bullnose to the edge of a step.

Composite decking metal clips and screws – Designed to fit securely between the deck board grooves and screw to the subframe allowing 3mm gap between deck boards. These are a must have fast clip if you want the decked area to look flawless. Made from stainless steel these decking clips are robust and allow just enough room for expansion and water drainage when weathering and cleaning is required.​​

Composite decking plastic clips and screws – Still made to the highest quality our recycled plastic clips are also designed to fit securely between the deck board grooves and screw into the subframe allowing a 6mm gap between deck boards. Although the downside of the plastic clip is a slighter bigger gap, the upside is that this will allow you to remove any deck board at any time without taking up the Whole deck. Supplied with colour matching black screws to look as discreet as possible.​

Coloured decking screws – Our coloured screws are designed and manufactured to match our composite decking, composite fascias and composite corner trims. Allowing a colour coded discreet finish when installing your products.​​

When choosing Assured Composite® WPC decking you must use Assured fasteners fixings and clips as they are deigned and manufactured for easy installation, to last the test of time and to fit our products. This also allows you to receive your 10 year commercial or 25 year residential warranty without invalidating it by using other methods of fixing.​

Why Choose Composite?

We are the UK's leading supplier of cost effective high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. Our products are made to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. Our forward thinking experienced team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution when purchasing our products.

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