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Have Composite Decking Aesthetics Surpassed Wood?

composite decking aesthetic

Composite decking aesthetics weren’t ready for prime time. The comparison 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, was unthinkable. What changed? Technology. Builders who recall composite decking from back in the day remember a pricey product that only had a passing resemblance to natural pine, cedar, redwood, and other species – That’s changed.

  • Finishing technologies that mimic natural wood colour schemes.
  • Colour blending system to create highlights and lowlights similar to wood variations.
  • Embossing technology to add tactile grain patterns, including traditional wood grain, wire-brushed, and hand-scraped textures.

Even some building professionals cannot tell the difference between wood and premium composite! What an indorsement for the composite decking aesthetic!

With wood prices showing no signs of budging, it’s easy to see why so many home builders and contractors have turned to composite decking materials. And why not? In many cases, the price difference between cedar and redwood has simply vanished! Even the gap with pressure-treated pine is surprisingly small. Read our blog 3 composite decking myths debunked for more on this.

3 Benefits Beyond The Composite Decking Aesthetic

Customisable and Faster Installation

Home builders and contractors can now transform outside space without bogging down installation or bringing in special installers. For example, using on-trend 6-inch-wide boards creates a dramatic, wide-plank visual that speeds up installation for contractors. The larger format reduces the time to install the decking surface.

Lower Lifetime Cost & Maintenance

Next-gen composite decking makes no compromises for durability and longevity, either. Limited fade and stain and limited lifetime warranties. Rotting, warping, and splintering

Even feet get special treatment as boards stay up to 30 degrees cooler than other brands, making our decks barefoot-friendly.

One Million Trees Saved

It’s estimated that homeowners have saved more than one million trees by building their outdoor spaces in composite decking.

Surging lumber prices have gained a lot of attention and created significant disruption for builders in the last several years. The good news is next-gen composite decking offers home builders, contractors, and designers an aesthetically-pleasing way forward without the drawbacks of wood.

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