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Best Ways To Vamp Up Your Outdoor Space

Vamp your exterior with composite decking

Light Grey Composite Decking Outside A Wodden Summer House - Assured Composite

If you have your own outdoor space like a garden or patio area, then you’ll know that there are countless design options available for those wanting to spruce up their yard. There are numerous differing types of flowers, furnishings, installations, and varying other design notes you can adopt, mix and match to produce the perfect outdoor space for you. Here we’ve listed a few options available to those looking to add something extra special to the design of their garden.

Water Features

A water feature is a classic exterior design installation. Coming in a huge range of sizes and designs themselves, water features can be made to fit with any existing space. You could have a tiny waterfall statue decorating a patio, or a huge pond with live fish to encourage wildlife to visit. Going all out, you can opt for huge waterfalls or water jets that create lit up arches for your external walkways, the options are limitless!

A Permanent Barbecue or Fire Pit

While British summer time never seems to last quite long enough, it’s still the time of year that everyone wants to make the most of! Everybody’s used a cheap disposable barbeque when having friends round, or has an old metal one they’ll drag unceremoniously from the garage every time guests come round. But installing a permanent brick barbeque or digging a build-in fire pit is an awesome way to have a functional installation that also improves the design of your garden. Now just find yourself a whole pig and your luau is ready to go!

Install Composite Decking

Installing decking around your home is a wonderful way to improve the aesthetics, and with so many colour and finish options available, you can ensure it fits with your current design! Composite decking made from materials like wood plastic composite (WPC) have the benefit of being water resistant and free from the risk of rot, all while maintaining a gorgeous appearance for your property. Add in some composite cladding for the exterior of your home and you can have a fully coordinated exterior aesthetic that will have your neighbours green with envy!