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Hollow Decking Or Solid Decking

Hollow Core Composite Decking Or Solid Core Composite Decking

Composite decking can become an investment for home and business owners. Depending on which composite deck board is required will depend on how you are going to use the decking. Our cost effective decking in both hollow and solid boards are available in a variety of colours and finishes with slightly different benefits. Let’s take a look and you can decide whether a hollow or solid deck is right for you and your project.​

Designed For Living – Built To Last

Hollow or solid composite decking (WPC) is manufactured by an extrusion process using a combination of recycled plastic, recycled natural wood fibre and a little additives including anti-UV and anti-ageing. These combinations are specially blended together to create an immensely versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability and resilience of composite.​

The Homeowners Choice

Hollow composite decking – The cheaper option to solid deck boards due to the multiple hollow channels running through the deck board which uses up to 40% less material, this makes them light weight and easy to install. Hollow deck boards are a homeowners choice but can be used in light commercial spaces where impact is low.

Hollow deck boards are ideal for gardens, patio areas, garden footpaths, caravan decking and more offering the natural appearance of timber but without the maintenance.

More Strength And Durability

Solid Composite decking – slightly more expensive than hollow deck boards. Solid deck boards are commercial grade and are used for residential or commercial environments with a high footfall and medium to high impact.

Offering less noise absorption, solid deck boards are ideal for gardens with hot tubs, schools, terraces, balconies, caravan parks, leisure centres, marinas, bars, restaurants, public spaces and any outdoor application. Guaranteed strength and durability in abundance still with the natural look of timber.

All Decking Ranges Are Of The Highest Quality

Both deck boards can be offered in a capped version which has no fading, staining and is colour consistent, due to its polymer protective 4 sided shell. Uncapped composite decking is vulnerable to staining and fading. The deck boards will fade slightly in the first few months but will then be colour consistent throughout. Spillages will need to be cleaned up in good time to avoid staining. Compared to other composite decking suppliers we have added more HDPE to our uncapped deck board mixture to reduce fading and staining.​

Unrivalled Warranty

Whether you choose hollow or solid, our composite decking offers unrivalled 25 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty reassuring you that your deck is engineered to last. Both deck boards are reversible with one side 3D embossed wood grain and the other grooved, grooved being more slip resistant.

All products have gone through in depth testing processes before, during and after manufacture, including; slip testing, fire testing, impact testing, giving you confidence in your purchase.

Compare our ranges now and see whether you require a hollow or solid deck board for your outdoor flooring project. Better still, why not order free samples to see the quality of our composite decking and why we are the best composite decking supplier.

Why Choose Composite?

We are the UK's leading supplier of cost effective high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. Our products are made to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. Our forward thinking experienced team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution when purchasing our products.

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