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Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer with Composite Decking

Summer Garden with composite decking - Assured Composite

Are you ready to get your garden looking its best for summer? If so, why not add some composite decking? Not only does it look great, but composite decking is also super durable and low-maintenance — perfect for those long summer days spent outdoors.

Before you start building your dream deck, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. 

First, what do you plan to use your decking for? Maybe you’re envisioning a spot for epic BBQs and lounging on garden furniture. Or perhaps you want to tidy up a sloped area in your garden or add a little something extra to your existing paving or turf.

Whatever it is, it’s good to have a clear idea in mind.

In this article, we discuss all the considerations to think about when choosing composite decking for your garden.

Types of decking

Let’s talk about the different types of decks. You’ve got your roof decks, garden decks, commercial decks, and balcony decks – each with its own unique requirements. Consider which one will work best for your space and needs.

Extra considerations

Now, here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Will your deck be on level ground or a slope?
  • Are you going to attach it to your house or place it somewhere else in your garden, like under a tree?
  • Will it be in a sunny or shaded spot?
  • How much privacy do you need? Maybe you’ll want to add some fencing around certain sides.
  • Are there any features you’ll need to work around, like trees, boulders, or posts?
  • Speaking of trees, what kind are they? Do they shed leaves in winter or blossoms in spring that could make your deck harder to keep clean?
  • If you’re building a ground-level deck, is the ground underneath wet or dry? Soggy soil could make your deck a bit wobbly.

Size of your decking

Once you’ve thought about all that, it’s time to figure out the size of your decking. You’ll need to calculate how much composite decking you’ll need, as well as any extras like clips, screws and fascias. This will help you work out the overall cost of your project.

If you need help, we have a handy calculator to make this part easy.

Structure of your deck

When it comes to the structure of your deck, you’ve got a few options:

  • Basic ground-level
  • Ground-level with balustrade
  • Elevated (this one might include stairs and could even be multi-level

Building regulations

And then there’s building regulations. In most cases, you won’t need planning permission for your deck as long as it’s no more than 30cm above ground, isn’t built on a listed or conservation property and doesn’t cover more than half of your outdoor space.

Decking colours

Last but not least, it’s time to choose your decking colour and texture.

At Assured Composite, we offer four gorgeous ranges to suit every taste and budget, for both domestic and commercial customers across the UK. We’ve got options like hollow, woodgrain, grooved and solid composite decking in our Premier, Elite, Classic and Superior ranges.

With so many amazing options out there, you’re bound to find the perfect composite decking to give your garden a makeover.Get your free sample now and get ready to enjoy your new deck all summer long.