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What Assured Composite® Has To Offer

The best quality composite decking, cladding and fencing in the UK

We are Assured Composite®, an expert team that offer high quality wood plastic composite (WPC) products to businesses and consumers nationwide! Amongst our range of impeccable quality products are WPC composite cladding, WPC composite decking and WPC composite fencing. Our customer first ethos and quality-oriented team help us deliver top-notch composite products to our clients for the best prices, and to offer the best customer care on the market! With our extensive ranges of products, unbeatable prices, and unbelievable warranties, we are fast growing to become one of the largest suppliers of WPC products in the UK.

Our WPC fencing, cladding, and decking products are an incredibly environmentally friendly option, being crafted from 95% recycled materials! Our WPC products are created from these three ingredients:

  1. 50% White Poplar Wood Fibres (fully recycled).
  2. 38% High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Plastic Particles (fully recycled).
  3. 12% Other Additives Like Stabilisers and Pigments (7 of this 12% is fully recycled material).

Our WPC products are also a low maintenance option, requiring no ongoing treatments, stains, varnishes, or any other regular upkeep beyond your standard cleaning routing! Being weatherproof and completely rot-free, you can expect your composite decking, fencing, or cladding to last with almost zero maintenance! Because of this, we boast an impressive 10-year standard warranty for commercial clients, and a 25-year standard warranty for all residential customers.

Assured Composite® Decking: we have three composite decking ranges to choose from:

  • Premier Composite Decking
  • Classic Composite Decking
  • Elite Composite Decking

Each of these ranges offer different qualities, such as being lightweight, or coming with an enhanced finish! They also come in a range of colours, including:

  • Blue Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Grey Art
  • Cedar Art
  • Coffee
  • Oak (Elite Only)
  • Smoke Grey (Elite Only)
  • Stone Grey (Elite Only)

Assured Composite Cladding: we have two finishes for our composite cladding to choose from:

  • Wood Grain Finish Composite Cladding
  • Sanded Finish Composite Cladding

These finishes offer a different aesthetic to fit with your external design! Each finish is available in four different colours:

  • Blue Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Cedar
  • Coffee

Assured Composite® Fencing: our composite fencing range is also available in these two finishes:

Each is available in our selection of four colours:

  • Blue Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Cedar
  • Coffee

Order your free samples today to experience the quality and durability of our Assured Composite® WPC products with your own eyes!