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Installing Assured Hollow Composite Battens

Installing Assured Hollow Composite Battens To The Wall

Assured Hollow Composite Battens/Joists require a solid flat wall to fix to before installing Assured Composite ® cladding. Ensure the wall area is clear and free from any obstacles including any cables and pipes.

Fixing The Composite Battens

Measure and cut Assured Composite ® battens where required.

Fix composite battens into position leaving 300mm max intervals between each composite batten centre to centre. Leave 10mm expansion gaps from the ground and roof and at composite batten butt joins.

Fix composite battens into place with expansion screws by drilling holes through the middle groove of each composite batten and into the wall. Start at 80mm approx then at 500mm approx intervals.

​​Double batten where composite cladding boards meet at butt joins allowing a 3mm gap between composite battens.


composite cladding battens
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