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Traditional Decking Or Capped Composite Decking

Capped Composite Decking Or Uncapped Composite Decking

Composite decking has come along way in the last few years and is fast becoming the “must have” outdoor product for family homes and commercial spaces around the world. Offering a natural wood appearance, composite decking is a low maintenance cost effective timber decking alternative.

capped composited decking and uncapped composite decking

Lets Take A Look At The Differences

There are currently two types of composite decking available to choose from; un capped composite decking which is known as first generation or traditional decking and capped composite decking which is known as second generation and co extrusion decking, with both being manufactured using an extrusion process with recycled plastic and wood fibres blended together creating an immense versatility for outdoor spaces.

Many people ask the question “What is the difference?” Well let’s take a look and you can decide which composite decking suits your outdoor space.

strong composite decking

Timber Decking Looks And Stronger

Uncapped composite decking - First generation composite decking was the first of its kind and designed as an alternative to timber decking. The mixture of recycled wood and plastic with a wood grain finish made the decking tougher than timber decking and offered a lower water absorption rate, all with no compromise to the look which is just as good as the real thing.​

grey composite decking balcony

A Low Slip Decking Option

Uncapped composite decking is also vulnerable to staining and fading. The deck boards will fade slightly in the first few months then be colour consistent throughout while spillages will need to be cleaned up in good time to avoid staining. Compared to other composite decking suppliers we have added more HDPE to our deck board mixture to reduce fading and staining.

If you are looking for composite decking with a high slip resistance then uncapped composite decking is for you. The reversible deck board finishes of wood grain or groove offer more grip on foot with the latter being the better due to its grooved finish that offer more grip.

oak composite decking

Capped In A Polymer Protective Shell

Capped composite decking - Second generation composite decking was an improved product upon the first generation because of the addition of its outer polymer shell and deep 3D embossed wood finish. The large and hard molecules that capped the soft and porous core reduce water absorption, making the decking last even longer than the first generation but these also provide a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing finish to the product.​

grey WPC deck

Elite Performance Year On Year

Capped composite decking has no fading and staining and is colour consistent throughout due to its polymer protective 4 sided shell. Still offering a high slip resistance this is not as slip resistant as un capped composite decking. As you can guess, it is due to its polymer (plastic) protective shell that is slightly more slippery.​

coffee brown composite decking

Composite Decking For Any Environment

Both capped and uncapped composite decking types are eco friendly and offer unbeatable value. If you are thinking of decking around a pool, decking a roof terrace or simply adding outdoor relaxing space to your family home Assured Composite® will have a stress free solution.​

Assured Composite® offer superior quality throughout their WPC decking ranges but don’t just take our word for it, order your free samples now - you wont be disappointed.​

Dark Grey Composite Decking Steps And Summer House

Why Choose Assured Composite® To Supply Your Composite Decking?

Assured Composite® are the UK's leading supplier of cost effective high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. Our products are made to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. Our forward thinking experienced team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution when purchasing our products.

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