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Assured Composite® Decking Boards

​High Quality Composite Decking Thats Designed For Living - Built To Last!
Assured Composite® decking boards are manufactured by an extrusion process using a combination of recycled plastic, recycled natural wood fibre and a little additives including anti-UV and anti-ageing. These combinations are specially blended together to create an immensely versatile outdoor material which combines the traditional appearance of timber decking with the durability and resilience of composite decking.

Both our high quality decking boards and decking accessories go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacturing, which is why we boast such long warranties on all composite products for residential or commercial projects giving our customers peace of mind.

We offer 3 composite decking ranges - Premier composite decking, Classic composite decking and Elite composite decking. Each decking board range offers different capabilities and the deck board which will suit your project will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

Assured Composite® Decking Delivery

​Composite Decking Delivery Throughout The UK.
At Assured Composite® we pride ourselves in delivering our own composite decking boards in and around the UK. Our in house delivery drivers and vehicles deliver 98% of all orders that get despatched from our composite decking warehouse, giving our customers piece of mind that their composite decking will arrive hassle free. Our fully trained delivery drivers deliver composite decking to many locations near or far giving a professional friendly service.

Being based in the East Midlands, composite decking can be despatched swiftly to any location throughout the UK due to several great transport links. We offer possibly the fastest composite decking delivery times and are able to work to dedicated delivery dates so your composite decking project can be completed in good time.

Anthracite composite decking

Assured Premier Composite Decking

The Homeowners Choice - For Residential Or Light Commercial
Our Premier composite decking range uses up to 40% less material than our other composite decking ranges. Its hollow circled core makes the composite deck boards lightweight yet strong and durable for any residential or commercial project with low impact and a low footfall.

The Premier composite decking range is a cost effective decking solution which has dual sided capabilities of either a 3D embossed wood grain or a deep grooved channel finish. These deck boards really are the homeowners choice and are unrivalled in todays composite decking market.

Click here to see our Premier composite decking range and see the stunning decking colours we have to offer.

Cedar composite decking

Assured Classic Composite Decking

A Solid Deck Board For Residential And Commercial Spaces
Designed and built with a solid core, Assured Composite®s Classic composite decking offers strength and durability in abundance for residential and commercial environments. Our Classic composite decking range is to be considered where medium to heavy loads occur. If you are installing a hot tub in your garden or have a high footfall space then our Classic deck boards are for you.

Offering dual sided capabilities with its unique grooved channel or 3D embossed woodgrain finish why not add this low maintenance classic deck board to your outdoor space!

Click here to see our Classic composite decking range and see the stunning decking colours we have to offer.

Oak decking

Assured Elite Composite Decking

The Elite Of Composite Decking
Coated in a 4 sided polymer protective shell which offers strength, durability, colour consistency and elite protection all year round, the Elite Composite decking range will have your back whatever the weather!

With its solid core and 2 striking 3D embossed wood grain finishes the Elite composite deck boards offer ultimate all year round performance in any outdoor environment. These deck boards really are the elite of all composite decking!

Click here to see our Elite composite decking range and see the stunning decking colours we have to offer.

Quality Composite Decking In Striking Colours

A Variety Of Composite Decking Colours Available
All our composite decking boards come in a variety of stunning colours including light grey composite decking, blue grey composite decking, grey art composite decking, stone grey composite decking, smoke grey composite decking, cedar art composite decking, oak composite decking and coffee composite decking.

Our high quality composite decking ranges are a more cost effective eco-friendly choice over timber decking. Long lasting, splinter and rot free and near on maintenance free, you can understand why more people are choosing Assured Composite® decking for their outdoor living space.

Compare our contemporary composite decking ranges here and see for yourself which decking board and decking board colour would suit your outdoor flooring project.

Composite Decking Fast clips

Composite Decking Clips That Are Unrivalled
​We offer 2 types of high quality composite decking fast clips (plastic and stainless) for all our composite decking ranges each coming with their own colour matching screws and offering different sized gaps between deck boards when installed.

Stainless Decking Clips - Designed to fit securely between the decking board grooves and screw to the subframe allowing a 3mm gap between decking boards. These are a must have decking fast clip if you want your decked area to look flawless.

Plastic Decking Clips - Designed to fit securely between the decking board grooves and screw into the subframe allowing a 6mm gap between decking boards. Although the downside of the plastic clip is a slighter bigger gap, the upside is that this will allow you to remove any deck board at any time without taking up the whole deck.

We offer stainless starter clips for all our composite decking ranges which allow you to align your decking area. These are designed to fit and hide into the grooves of our Assured Composite® decking ranges allowing you to start or finish your decking area.

Composite Decking Fascias And Corner Trims

Add The Finishing Touch To Your Composite Deck
​Composite fascias and composite corner trims add the finishing touches to your decking project. These are made from recycled plastic and recycled wood fibres just like our high quality composite decking boards boasting the same warranties.

Our dual-sided composite fascias and composite corner trims come in a range of colour options to match our Assured Composite® decking ranges.

Fix your composite fascias and composite corner trims into place using our high quality Assured Coloured Screws. Colour coated and designed to match our Assured Composite® ranges.

Assured Composite® Decking Edge Boards

A Decking Board But With An Edge
​Assured Composite® decking edge boards also known as decking bullnose edge boards are made by an extrusion process in exactly the same way as our composite deck boards with the same recycled materials. These match our Assured Composite® decking colour ranges and look stunning installed to the edge of your decking area or when installed as decking steps.

Designed to work in conjunction with our decking clips, these fit securely between the grooves and screw into the subframe allowing a discreet finish.

Composite Decking Subframe And Supports

Make Your Composite Decking Subframe Last
​The decking subframe is very important to get right before installing your Assured Composite® decking. There is not a one size fits all as each composite decking subframe will be different. We offer several long lasting composite joists, plastic joists and decking pedestals all of which are eco-friendly and cost effective.

Assured Hollow Composite Joists - Lightweight decking joists which are made from the same material as our Assured Composite® decking boards. These are a great solution when installing composite decking onto a solid foundation.

Assured Adjustable Pedestal Supports - Used on a solid foundation and where you require a raised decking area. Easy to install and can be used with timber joists, plastic joists, metal joists or solid composite joists.

Assured Base Slope Correctors - These are used underneath the decking pedestals to compensate the grounds slope.

​Assured Rubber Mats - These are used underneath the decking pedestals to absorb noise.

Plastic Joists And Posts - Plastic joists and plastic posts are ideal in situations where the ground is soft or uneven and used to elevate the decking area. Robust and more durable than timber joists and posts, these are an eco-friendly long lasting alternative that are easy to install.

Composite Decking Installation

Always Have Safety In Mind
​Installing composite decking can be an easy process but always have safety in mind. Our composite deck boards and accessories have been specially designed and manufactured to make the process as simple and as easy as possible.

Planning is key before installing your composite decking so make sure you have the right tools and safety equipment and you know exactly what you are doing before you start. Click here to browse our step by step decking installation guide and watch our decking installation videos to help you with installing your composite deck.

Why Choose Assured Composite® Decking

High Quality Composite Decking That Is Unrivalled
Eco-friendly WPC decking is fast becoming the most popular outdoor flooring for many businesses and residential properties across the globe. Combining beauty and durability, Assured Composite® decking has many benefits over other outdoor flooring solutions in todays market.

Here are some key points on why people choose Assured Composite® decking:

Eco-Friendly - Our composite decking is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic saving them from going to landfill and at the end of their use can be recycled again. From the manufacturing process all the way through to the customer we focus on ways to help save our planet which in todays world is paramount. No trees are felled to make any of our composite decking ranges or composite decking accessories.

Cost Effective - The initial outlay of composite decking can more expensive than other outdoor flooring solutions but in the long run composite decking will save you time and money. No future costs or hard work of sanding, staining, painting or even swapping rotten wood. At one fixed cost, Assured Composite® decking will offer you a stress free outdoor living space that will withstand the test of time.

Low Maintenance - No need for hard sanding, painting, staining or deep cleaning like other outdoor flooring solutions. An annual clean and a quick sweep around the deck to keep the debris away is all that is needed, allowing you more time to enjoy your outdoor space rather than maintaining it.

Long Life - Our composite decking and composite decking accessories are designed for living - built to last. These go through rigorous and in-depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. We are so confident in our composite decking and composite decking accessories which is why we offer such high warranties throughout giving our customers peace of mind.

Strong And Durable - Our high quality composite decking does not splinter, rot or warp like natural wood decking. Its recycled plastic and wood mix provides strength and durability in abundance.

Stain Resistant - Our capped composite decking (Elite range) is stain resistant due to its polymer protective shell as opposed to our uncapped composite decking (Premier and Classic range) that is stain resistant as long as the stain is cleared up in good time. All our composite decking and composite decking accessories offer reassurance incase of any spillages.

Easy To Install - Our composite decking and composite decking accessories have been specially designed and manufactured to make the installation process quick and easy. With simple tools and a little help from our decking installation guides if unsure, any competent person would be able to install our composite decking and accessories with ease.

Why Choose Assured Composite® To Supply Your Composite

Efficiency - Quality - Customer Care
​At Assured Composite® we manufacture high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. With our high stock levels, wide ranges and unbeatable warranties, we believe we are fast becoming one of the largest composite companies in the UK.

Our forward thinking team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution at an unbeatable price.

Quality Assured - All our composite decking products and composite decking accessories go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture.

Warranty - We boast unbeatable warranties of a 10 year commercial and 25 year residential on all composite products.

Experts - We have a dedicated team of experts with years of experience who will be on hand to help with any questions asked, before, during or after purchase.

Manufacturing - We manufacture some of our products here in the UK allowing to keep costs down and pass on to the customer.

Competitively Priced - We are more than competitively priced on all our composite products believing we cannot be beaten on price and quality.

Technical Support - We offer full technical support on all products purchased either by telephone, email or live chat 24/7.

Express Delivery - We hold high stock levels which enables us to offer fast turn around times on all products. We believe we cannot be beaten on delivery times of in stock items.

Guides & Advice - We offer full downloadable guides and advice on all products.

Carbon Footprint - We are always looking at ways to try and reduce the impact on the environment, before, during and after manufacture.

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