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Composite Or Timber Cladding

More Benefits With Composite Cladding

Assured Composite®s wood polymer composite (WPC) cladding is manufactured by an extrusion process using a combination of recycled plastic, recycled natural wood fibre and a little additives including anti-UV and anti ageing. These combinations are specially blended together to create an immense versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of timber cladding with the durability and resilience of composite cladding.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of why more and more people are using composite cladding for their homes and businesses rather than timber cladding.

Long Life Cladding

Our composite cladding goes through rigorous and in-depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture and is designed to withstand near on anything our weather throws at them. We are so confident in our composite cladding products and accessories which is why we offer such high warranties throughout our ranges giving our customers peace of mind when purchasing. Stylish and durable, composite cladding has the traditional appearance of timber without the decay. Designed for living - built to last.

Low Maintenance Cladding

Composite cladding is virtually maintenance free compared to timber cladding. You maybe need to clean your composite wall cladding once a year by giving it the odd hose down but unlike timber cladding, composite cladding never needs sanding, staining or painting leaving you with more time to enjoy your outdoor living space rather than maintaining it.​

Eco Friendly Cladding

Being environmentally friendly is paramount in todays world this is why from the manufacturing process all the way through to the customer we focus on many ways to help save our planet. Our wood polymer composite (WPC) is made from 95% recycled materials saving them from going to landfill and at the end of their use can be recycled again. We do not chop down trees to make any of our composite cladding boards unlike many timber cladding boards on the market today.

Cost Effective Cladding

In most cases the initial outlay of composite wall cladding is more expensive than most timber cladding options. Although more expensive, composite cladding boards will save you time and money in the long run. Who wants to worry about the future costs of sanding, staining, painting or even swapping rotten wood when at one fixed cost your outdoor area will withstand the test of time offering you a stress free outdoor solution.​

Benefits Of Composite Over Timber
composite cladding garden room

Why Choose Assured Composite® To Supply Your Composite Cladding?

Assured Composite® are the UK's leading supplier of cost effective high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. Our products are made to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. Our forward thinking experienced team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution when purchasing our products.

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