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Artificial Cladding

Composite Wall Cladding That Has The Appearance Of Natural Wood

Looking for wall cladding that is hassle free from start to finish for your home or business then choose artificial wall cladding. Although the initial outlay for artificial cladding is more, you will save time and money in the long run. Strong, durable and near on maintenance free our artificial wall cladding has the appearance of timber cladding but with longevity.​

​Like Timber But Better
Designed and manufactured to a high standard our artificial cladding performance outweighs timber cladding hands down. With a stunning 3D embossed wood grain or sanded finish our artificial cladding will be strong and durable for years to come which is why we offer a 10 year commercial and 25 year residential warranty giving you confidence in your purchase.​

light grey composite wall cladding

There are many benefits on why you would choose artificial wall cladding or “fake wall cladding” as some people call it over natural timber wall cladding.

Low maintenance - artificial composite wall cladding is near on maintenance free compared to timber cladding that will need sanding, staining, painting and oiling near on every year.

Does not rot or warp - the synthetic fibres in artificial wall cladding does not absorb water and moisture which resists damage unlike timber cladding. It also allows the wall cladding to be mould resistant.

Low fade resistance - our uncapped artificial wall claddinig fades slightly for the first few months then is colour consistent throughout. Our capped artificial cladding has no fade and does not lose the colour at all due to its polymer protective shell. Wooden wall cladding will fade and weather once installed.

No insect damage - artificial wall cladding is not prone to insect damage due to the recycled plastic unlike natural timber wall cladding.

Splinter free - all timber wall cladding eventually splinters unlike artificial wall cladding which is made with recycled plastic.

Long life span - timber wall cladding is estimated to last up to 10 years if you have looked after it unlike artificial wall cladding that can last 20-30+ years.

Strong and durable - artificial wall cladding stay strong and durable throughout its life due to the recycled plastic and wood mix used unlike timber wall cladding.

​Eco-friendly - artificial wall cladding is made from recycled plastic and wood fibre and no trees are felled unlike natural timber wall cladding.

All of the above benefits make composite wall cladding a cost effective choice over timber cladding so why not order your free samples now and see the quality, durability and how our artificial cladding looks just like the real thing.​​

composite cladding garden room

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Assured Composite® are the UK's leading supplier of cost effective high quality composite decking, composite cladding and composite fencing for residential and commercial projects. Our products are made to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous and in depth testing phases before, during and after manufacture. Our forward thinking experienced team deliver efficiency, quality and the best customer care at all times providing customers a hassle free end to end solution when purchasing our products.

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